Whatsapp launches new feature Picture-in-Picture

Whatsapp has now come up with new feature of Picture-in-Picture(PiP) for all the users. This picture update is now available on whatsapp version of  2.18.380. Perks of this feature is that it allows you to access Facebook, YouTube and Instagram vides in a small window simultaneously while using the whatsapp. This feature allows you to navigate through different chats and scrolling down that whatsapp simultaneously whileusing Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Initially, this feature was launched in October, where Whatsapp was trying this feature especially on iOS users which was appraised by all and later launched on October from January.

There is no need to enable this feature in this version, it works just with a link in any of the other applications. Just a tap, a the video plays in a small window, while you use whatsapp just on the right top corner. This provides you privilege to socialize without hinderence with the ongoing videos.

This feature is automatically enabled when you download the latest version of whatsapp from App store on iOS or Play Store on Android.

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  1. Rajanikant Patel says:

    Very informative blog.
    Really Appreciate writer efforts and technical thinking .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dhwanirpatel says:

      Thank you Rajanikant

      We hope to hear from you such in future too.


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