Healthy Winter skin!

People often find very hard to have a supple,healthy and glowing skin in winters.Winters often makes us less worried about skin as there are less chances of sun tan. But in contrary, it makes skin dry, dull and harsh. Less humidity and dry air results in unhealthy skin.

What it needs is extra moisture and love which can boost the glowing and loving charm on your face. Here are some tips which might help you rejuvenate your skin in winters leaving it fresh and hydrated:


It means getting rid of dead skin cells. Skin cells often dehydrate and become dead in winters, which requires some skin replenishment in the form of exfoliation. Use the paraben free moisturizer and a scrub to remove the dry skin and dead cells.

Be hydrated inside out     

let it be summer or winter hydration is must. Eating food with high water content will hudrate your skin. Eating watery fruits like: apple, orange, kiwi or watery veggies like: celery, cucumber, carrots, zucchini, tomatoes will boost the water level in body.

Overnight Moisturizer

There are certain area where the skin gets totally dry and dead, they require lot more attention. Areas like hands, cracked feet, elbows, knees, face, neck they are more in contact with the outer areas then other body parts, hence, they need to be moisturized more. Natural way of moisturizing is using coconut oil. One can also use olive oil and use the mixture. This not only hydrates the face and body parts but also helps them gain natural glow the very next morning.

Using Luke warm water

Hot water bath will definitely keep you relaxed in winters but it will wash away the healthy oil from your skin too which is must to keep. So, try using Luke warm water to wash face and body to cleanse.

Moisturizing immediately after washing

Washing cleanses away the dirt and skin oil together. Thus, to regain the moisture and suppleness use the moisturizer right after you wash it just when it is damn. This locks down the dampness and keeps it soft.


Nearly, 70% of the human body is of water. Drinking plenty of water solves more than 50% of diseases in the body. Drinking warm water with lemon or having in the form of green tea will not only hydrate the skin but also helps you manage your weight the same time.


There is not much difference when protecting your skin either in Summer or in Winter. Your skin requires complete protection from outside air, pollution, cold winds and snow. So, try wearing gloves, scarves and cover yourself and much as you can to avoid coming in direct contact with outside weather.

Change your cleanser

Cleansing is must for the skin to keep it healthy but in winters avoid using cleansers as it dries up your skin more. Try using natural cleansers like mixture of gram flour, honey, turmeric and rose water. This will not only cleanse your skin but also exfoliate it and will leave it unharmed from toxic chemicals from the bottled cleansers.

Using right Moisturizer

A right moisturizer must have the natural ingredients to avoid drying up your dry in the dry airs. Better use the ones with the oil base solution and it protects it from getting fry. Cold creams must be chosen with high care as they are the protection of our body at last. They must be the ones with mustard oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, chamomile oil or lavender oil as they locks the moisture into the skin.

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