9 things people do to overcome stress

Stress and anxiety are the most common parameters which take a toll over our health in this 21st century. They are not always bad, as they turn out to do wonders, helping you meet the deadline and maintaining the success rate. When stress gets too intense, chronic and untreated, in the long run, it turns…

Seven Colored Earth

Mauritius the land of Seven Colors

Artificial Intelligence or Humans, who surround us?

Life without Mobile, Tablets, Computers, Smart watch or Laptops are impossible today. Our dependency on technology is not negligible. Artificial Intelligence today has the potential to generate the market value of around $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. We seem to be living life where we are surrounded by AI more than humans….

8 Important things what successful people do

You become what you dream. Success doesn’t come to anyone but you have to walk to it. To be successful all you need is determination and hard work. You cannot let anyone distract you from your goal. If you are persistent then its all yours. Let us take basic examples of real life. If you…

How to sharpen the memory power?

Memory boosting is not the hard practice to do. It just requires some watch out techniques and carefulness. A strong memory basically depends on several factors including healthy mind, body and diet. Strong memory is not just a niche factor for a student, but also for every individual to enhance with the grey factor as…