How to sharpen the memory power?

Memory boosting is not the hard practice to do. It just requires some watch out techniques and carefulness. A strong memory basically depends on several factors including healthy mind, body and diet. Strong memory is not just a niche factor for a student, but also for every individual to enhance with the grey factor as you age. Focus on several factors for your sharp memory:


editation not only helps to boost your memory but also shows its positive results on skin, body and mental stability. It helps to enhance the grey matter in your brain which seems to decline in your brain as you age. This grey matter contains the neuron cell bodies. Meditation relaxes the body and soothes it from inside out.

Getting enough sleep:

 Lack of sleep in body has many negative impacts including dull skin, hair fall, dizziness along with poor memory. Sleep plays a key role in controlling body, mind and will power. An individual should sleep 8 hours every night for healthy body.

Control on Sugar:

Excessive sugar in the body not only leads to diabetics but also affects the body in other ways like low energy, early aging, unexplained bloating, weakened immune system, insomnia and low memory power. Hence, cutting down on sugar not only helps in sharp memory but also inn several other ways to the body.

Maintain a healthy weight:

anagement of weight is inevitable for each of us not only to look beautiful but also to avoid plenty of other negative factors likely high blood pressure, type 2 diabetics, kidney disease, liver disease, heart stroke, certain type of cancer, sleep apnea and many more. Obesity can actually cause harm to memory associated-genes, negatively affecting memory.

Fish-Oil Supplement:

ish oil capsules are rich source of omega-3 fatty acids which are important for heart disease,reduce inflammation, reduce stress and anxiety and slow mental decline. Researchers have proved that fish-oil improves the memory, especially in elders.

Exercise more:

A toned body with sharp memory is not just the end of the exercise. Better hairs, skin and body functions are just the minimal benefits listed here as the outcome of regular exercise. Regular exercise leads to secretion of neuroprotective proteins which improves the growth rate of neuron in brain development, which also reduses the chances of dementia in later life.

Choose Anti-inflammatory Foods:

Blue-berries, pecans, walnuts and Brusels are the fruits which leads to boost memory. With the increasing age, it is tough job for the nerve cells to protect themselves from free radicals. Our body produces thousands of these molecules everyday. These unchecked cells leads to age related degenerative diseases along with mental decline. Antioxidants helps the body in destruction of these cells.

Eat more Cocoa:

This is the most easy thing to do for everyone one of us 🙂 All chocolates are not rich source of cocoa, as some are just wholesome of sugar. Reading the ingredients of chocolate may actually guide in the content level of cocoa in it. The higher the cocoa level the bitter it will be though. But the more is the cocoa the richer it is in antioxidant levels called flavonoids. Researchers have proved the flavonoids are very helpful in boosting brain power. It also helps in growth of blood vessels, neurons and increase the blood flow in parts of the brain with memory. Chocolates richer in cocoa will be dark chocolates namely Lindt, Amul dark chocolate, Cadbury Royal Dark, Newman’s Own Organics Orange, Russell Stover Sugar free, Pascha Organic Dark chocolate and many more.

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  1. Hp says:

    Wonderful , helpful and promotive thoughts.


    1. dhwanirpatel says:

      Thank you Hp. Keep reading our blogs for more like this. We value our readers.


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