Artificial Intelligence or Humans, who surround us?

Life without Mobile, Tablets, Computers, Smart watch or Laptops are impossible today. Our dependency on technology is not negligible. Artificial Intelligence today has the potential to generate the market value of around $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. We seem to be living life where we are surrounded by AI more than humans.

Think about our daily activities comprising of YouTube suggestions, Netflix’s top selected for you or Google Search suggestions. Our phone applications or the alarm with bed time reminder. All this is nothing but things to make our life easier. We can manage to live without any person for a while but not without these Gadgets. We never realized when did they make us so dependent on them. We humans created them but now, situation is that we cannot live without them. Simple Artificial intelligence filters your incoming calls and diverts them, recognizing them as spam. It has reached more than just suggesting a book or an email.

Considering master/slave affair, we were the master to create it, but, we are the slave who lives on them. We had a long term connection with mechanism like using calculator for calculation than finger tips, which has now widened its scope with mobile apps to calculate each micro level numbers. Some top picks for you where it makes us ponder upon the thought whether we need more humans or Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence with Traveling

How often do you ask your Google Maps to look for the location/venue? That is nothing but you are interacting with AI. Each time you interact with the Auto pilot mode in car or Airplane it is AI which does the job of a human. Each time you communicate with siri, Google Assistant, Cortana is your dependency on Artificial Intelligence.

Banking Sector with Smart Launch

Latest reports by cyber crime in 2018 dictated that currently financial fraud are costing $600 billion to the global economy. The evolution is being done by Big Data, which has now come up with become deeper and broader concepts. Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey confirmed that nearly 49% or global organizations have faced financial crimes in past two years.

The flexibility offered by Artificial intelligence can now be applied to all the banking functions. MasterCard was the initiation to deploy solutions for such fraudulent activities. Currently, all the banking cards with magnetic chips facilitates us with Artificial Intelligence to avoid frauds.

Home Devices with Artificial Intelligence

Now it is clear that we have AI around us, but with that we have happily welcomed it to our homes with love with different names like smart refrigerators, oven, air conditioners, and other appliances which work automatically as and when they need to change the function. They adjust their setting by their own so that humans don’t not have to indulge themselves in house chores and making their lives easier and smoother. They adjust their thermostats according to your preferences given including the smart lights which change the color and intensity according to the time. The day does not seem far when we will interact with AI through our brain only.

Security Surveillance

We cannot deny the fact that humans cannot keep an eye on every detail all multiple place at a time. Considering the fact, that we are undeniably in need of AI where we can keep ourselves safe and sound from theft and fraudulent activities in this century. Facial recognition and object recognition makes our life way more easier for authorization and security. It is very near to see a day, that AI will manage the whole security and management, where humans will no longer be needed.

Video Games

Video Games industry today is the one which adopted AI at first. Initially, it started with the levels of game which one can play in late 19th century. Today it has expanded its horizons with AI like leapfrogging moment. N ow we have highly responsive shooter games like Counter-Strike, Call on Duty or fighting games like PUBG, CS GO or Fortnight where you fight and try to kill against AI Bot. If playing racing games then you are racing against AI Bot again. Thus, playing with humans has become less fun compared to these Bot man made Bots.

All in all, today we are more connected with Artificial Intelligence than humans. We are more dependent and our choices too on it. Beginning from the alarms in our phones to the TV after dinner to Reading news on gadgets which gives feeds you are more interested in are all the AI.

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