Seven Colored Earth


It will be offensive to describe the beauty of nature through words. This is the land of seven colors, surrounded by woods in acres of land. In other words, a dormant volcano which left its remarkable effect in Mauritius with this delightful seven colored land.

Millions of people pay a visit to this place. This place is proclaimed to be one of the eye catching place for the sightseers in Mauritius since 1960’s. The government of this country has now added some adventurous bits to it by extending this alluring place with Quad biking and Nepalese Bridge along with natural gifts like beaches and mountains. Additionally, it has plenty of Tortoises which are older than a century. The colorful land of this country is the natural charming spot here leaving people wonder the layers and volcanic destructive capacity on the human kind.


It is bewildering to see people enjoy the fruits of mother nature with so much fun. The forest is the essence of this beauty. Mauritius has population of 6 million out of which 4 million are the tourists. The country is enriched with plenty of beaches and lovely people. The purity in the air cleanses our worms inside out and makes us free from worries for long.

‘ The high land with low water levels, the long trees with short leaves, the large grassland with small men mentality of self development. ‘

Global Survey confirmed that we have 26.19% of woods on this earth. Which is deteriorating everyday to meet human desires. How long will it be that such an enormous natural beauty will only be in the books? I think we must have a second thought before hitting for the actions which in return hits us back like wise Global Warming. Development of the country can be done with 144 other ways then the way they are opting.

I wish, people would care for mother nature more by cutting off activities enhancing global warming and preventing the causes behind it like deforestation, ranching, pesticides and insecticides, surface warming, vehicle using, plastic water bottles and aerosols and leave this world a better place to live with natural beaches and virgin forests

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  1. Kelsie Eke says:

    I conceive this web site has some very superb information for everyone : D.


    1. Dhwani Patel says:

      Thank you @Kelsie Eke


  2. Rajnikant Patel says:

    Very informative blog site….really appreciate writer


  3. you have brought up a very great points, thankyou for the post.


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