Too much Snow?

Life is not always like what we long for. There is always a burning desire to do something which has been missing in your plate, right? What is it for you? Sometimes, certain things are ungovernable like this snow, Winter 2019.

“We are born crying, live complaining and die disappointed “

Thomas Fuller

Snow has disorderly restraint people from living a routine life and locked them up under limitations. Now that we only have pitch dark weather, below zero temperature, we have some indoor activities to do rather then, being upset. What do we have when we have no other things then to stay up tight and wait for the day out. Better, we enjoy the moment towards which we have the opportunity.

Every individual has hidden talents. A little creativity and some imagination can do wonders.

Today i feel like we all need some motivation to look forward and work on something exciting.

Here I have some indoor activities which will definitely kick you out from the couch and take you from complaining about this snow to enjoyment level one with your family and friends.

Indoor Activities for this snowy weather:

  • Cook a meal with family and friends you have around you
  • Learn magic tricks
  • Watch movie
  • Plan a family vacation for this summer
  • Clean your house and get rid of clothes which you no longer need and put them in a bag to donate
  • Watch a play
  • Play indoor camping with children
  • Build a cardboard play house
  • Make homemade dough
  • Read a book which you never got chance to take off the shelves
  • Writing or Painting hobby can also be given a chance to work upon

” What good is the warmth of summer without cold of winter to give it sweetness “

-John Steinbeck

I hope, we all have something exciting to do and enjoy these winter days. At-least we have something in hand than complaints, right?

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