Secrets of every successful Writer

Everything you write has to be yours, not COPYCAT! Being a writer means taking a great responsibility. You have readers, who follow you and trust your words. When you value your work, respect your words and have faith of readers, you actually are the best writer ever. You have to take the your words as…

Simple steps for becoming a popular writer

Writing is not about your creativity, but skill Often people tend to believe that, because writing as a hobby, can make them a writer. But think about it, is it really? Being a writer is something like, you are eloping from this world and indulging into a meditating activity. Liking a bright red colour lipstick…

I killed all of them,coming on my way, and here today I am

I don’t like my job. Yes, I just said it. After thinking for months and waiting for the right day and time, took me months. Moreover, I completed my majors in Big Data, which should compel me to be a Business Analyst or something. But, why? I was freaking out in that job, really. You…

Ultimately, I found how their marriage failed

Pour yourself out, Put yourself through it, don’t get pissed, when things don’t work, It brings fragrance, when it burns Sometimes, it takes ages Sometimes, just a few Sometimes, it just flourishes, Sometimes, its a hew It’s not their fault, it’s just one’s, they had to work equally, rather, it burdened only one She could…

At instance, I do realise, people are Disgraced

I was born alone, I am still ranked alone, erratically I am clouded, But, then I realised they faded and left me feel dated Sometimes I wonder, why do people change? I mean, they were different yesterday than what they seem today. What happens tomorrow, I am afraid 😢 I pondered upon this question of…

What side of Love Story are you?

Sometimes, many times, most of the times, rarely, often, everyday, looks like synonyms, right? But they mean different, to each individual you see around. This is the month of love, where we are more romantic than the other days and months, am I wrong? “we love, we make love, we get broke, we forgive love…

Witnessed me in myself

Some time to think,
who you are,
what you were,
Naive or you’re waived
by the people’s eyed view

Such Morning Habits which will Transform your Entire Day !

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Believe me, the first hour of the day will define your rest. When you learn how to begin your day, you will actually control everything until, you sleep. You are wrapped up in the vibes throughout the day, which cover you in the mornings….