What side of Love Story are you?

Sometimes, many times, most of the times, rarely, often, everyday, looks like synonyms, right? But they mean different, to each individual you see around.

This is the month of love, where we are more romantic than the other days and months, am I wrong?

“we love, we make love, we get broke, we forgive love “

Relationships are not real but reel. People tend to be more reel in real life, hence, we hurt or get hurt.

Love is not limited to the life-partner. It is the feeling of devotion, sympathy, care, emotion, empathy, connectedness, togetherness, oneness and foreverness. This can be with family, friends or a life-partner.

But, we are so involved in our life that we get drained under the stress and we affect the life of people around us. I am not saying anyone is free to be with others all the time, but, you can manage a lil, and show them what they mean to you, right?

Talking about the one who is exceptional and has played a remarkable role in your life, takes it to the next level of tenderness in relationship.

As they played significant role in your life, you have to show them some gratitude, love. They deserve to get acknowledged and feel special at times. Days celebrations and real life acknowledgement are varied in all perspectives.

If failed to do so, sometimes, we are left behind in their life anymore.

Its a pain, to be relieved, only by the one whom we loved.

My dear people, look around yourself and see, countless people exist in your life, but, hardly there will be someone to care what you do, or ask how are you?

Hugging them and a kiss wont hurt, right?

” None taken, none given ”

At times, life is not predictable, we seem to kind of loose everything and lack in inspiration to live our life. We get buried under the heap of struggles where we no longer get to see anything good. But that is not the end, when we want it, again I am right.

Moreover, we are empty in our plate, where we are sole traveler and not destined to get, what we desired for.

Either side, you have to make a choice or are facing your consequences of the choices you made previously. But, you are alive and have to live.

Choose the path and make the choice, before its too late.

” Neither its too late, nor its too early “

You can’t just just give up on something and loose, everything you are left with.

Moreover, there are innumerable people around us, which are unquestioned yet. They are yet to answer, but to whom?

Answer me,

Did you ever loose hope?

Did you ever get yourself into the situation, where you want to restart your life?

Ever felt the desire to punch yourself, and ask why only you?

This is an open forum, do share your side of the story. Don’t worry about people being judgemental. That’s their job, our job is to do, what we have to do, what do you think?

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