At instance, I do realise, people are Disgraced

I was born alone,

I am still ranked alone,

erratically I am clouded,

But, then I realised they faded

and left me feel dated

Sometimes I wonder, why do people change?

I mean, they were different yesterday than what they seem today.

What happens tomorrow, I am afraid 😢

I pondered upon this question of mine and realised, it’s time, which inevitably makes things dynamic.

I am sure that you must have come across uncountable people in your life, alike me, but did you ever think, why only couple of them still exist?

I guess, we are enslaved with the generousity of people and overwhelmingly welcome them, but, they are detached from a cliff, which makes them stiff, making us distinct.

How many of yours flipped by time or made you feel discrete?

Together we rise,

the strength maximise,

the hew’s sunset,

ruination initialise

but hardly, pupils realise

Help me here, let me know does it happen to you too, or am the only ranked.

Comment and share, for peeple who have been disgraced

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rajni Patel says:

    Nice writing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dhwani Patel says:

      thank you Rajni Patel


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