Ultimately, I found how their marriage failed

Pour yourself out,

Put yourself through it,

don’t get pissed,

when things don’t work,

It brings fragrance, when it burns

Sometimes, it takes ages

Sometimes, just a few

Sometimes, it just flourishes,

Sometimes, its a hew

It’s not their fault,

it’s just one’s,

they had to work equally,

rather, it burdened only one

She could have given merit,

she might have garnished it,

but, she chose to get allured,

which concluded with despair

She turned up on him

and left him with mist

she looked for more,

but squeezed it could be mist


they reached their extermity,

they perceived their solitude,

and interpreted the magnitude

wondering, if they could end well?

It matters to be something to someone reading here, I am sure.

What do you think, happened in your marriage?

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