I killed all of them,coming on my way, and here today I am

I don’t like my job.

Yes, I just said it. After thinking for months and waiting for the right day and time, took me months.

Moreover, I completed my majors in Big Data, which should compel me to be a Business Analyst or something.

But, why?

I was freaking out in that job, really. You don’t know what you like, unless you actually try out something, am I right?

Somewhere inside me, I was still interested in it, but it didn’t touch my heart, or bring out my hidden potential.

So what am I suppose to do?

I wanted to be a Content Writer, hence, today I am

HR Manager

Once I was having a Gala time with my HR Manager, meanwhile, we just started digging into our educational history. I found out that basically, she is an Engineer.

Can you believe me?

It’s not just me?

There are plenty of people in this world, who basically have realised what they actually like and what they really want.

Masters in IT

Once I had a girl in class. We attended same class of Big Data. We were actually very close friends by the end of semester, though. But she had a bachelors in Business Management, and later shifted into IT, can you believe it?

It should not be the world who decides what you need, it should be you, to decide your destiny

Ponder upon the my question

Are you the driver of your own car?

Life is too short to live on others beliefs, and too long to live each moment you always dreamt of.

Trust me, when you avoid thinking about the social stigma or the societal thinking, you actually step into free world, where you can fly with your dreams and catch each fish with eagle view.

Share your dreams and let others get inspired here

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