Simple steps for becoming a popular writer

Writing is not about your creativity, but skill

Often people tend to believe that, because writing as a hobby, can make them a writer.

But think about it, is it really?

Being a writer is something like, you are eloping from this world and indulging into a meditating activity.

Liking a bright red colour lipstick and actually looking it great on you are two different things, which inevitably matters

There are certain things which are mandatory, for any writer to keep in mind, before entering into this writing world, one must keep certain things in mind to be a tactful writer and reach out to a right target market.

A writer must:

Stay in research mode:

  • Jot down the ideas
  • Save the Urls for websites as your link
  • Do complete research before writing the content

Gather resources from everywhere and use as material

Every resource is important and keep it handy, so that you can refer it whenever you start writing. Gathering lots of material and using them as a resource makes you rich enough to have high quality resource.

Create a google+ circle without anyone in it:

Google+ makes you convenient enough to save things for later. Actually, there is reason behind this. You can keep track of you webpages, but without anyone else in it, keeps it limited to you and resourceful.

Write in your own unique voice:

Writing is a skill, which everyone has his own.

No matter what you write, it has to be your own way and in your style. It should never be like a copycat.

Talk about one thing only, make sure you are at one point and don’t loose track

Writing requires a rich tool which is your tactics. Which takes it to a dead end, where you must write about that on thing. Knowing what you are talking about.

don’t enter into the world of delusion. You have to be on track and keep readers on the focus.

Depth and length should match:

People tend to fall from their own writing prodigy abilities.

Do not forget that, what you write needs some quality and points to cover.

Length of the article and depth of the topic, have to be measured with dimensions.

Things what make it hard to read is:

  1. Not enough detail
  2. Going spotty coverage of idea
  3. Short articles should actually provide high discussion to your topic 
  4. Longer article should have in-depth details

Find a unique content to cover your topic:

You don’t write whatever you like

Your content has to be unique.

Your content speaks of you, hence, let it be your voice and speak out loud.

Your essay or article should cover the following topics considering it’s uniqueness and quality.

  1. TOPIC: subject to discuss
  2. POINT: a major idea about your article
  3. SLANT: A specific point of view which you have in mind

Spend as much time on your title as you took writing.

The prominent for attracting the readers to your page/article is your Title.

It requires as much time and devotion, as much as your article.

Spend time in selecting your title.

Think about it, keep it brief and give in-depth idea of your article.

I hope, now next time when you will write, you will rock your article and have bursting feedbacks.

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  1. vtvthakur says:

    Each step is very knowledgeable


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