Secrets of every successful Writer

Everything you write has to be yours, not COPYCAT!

Being a writer means taking a great responsibility. You have readers, who follow you and trust your words.

When you value your work, respect your words and have faith of readers, you actually are the best writer ever.

You have to take the your words as your face, they speak of you to your readers. Thus, be careful with your words and bring out something of your own.

Now the struggle begins, right?

Every great idea is not inspiration, but every inspiration comes from an experience

Proposing a fresh content and claiming it your own requires lot of hard work.

Let’s find out the strategy with the following steps:

Find five content writers, you enjoy reading

They can be any, with any sort of inspiration and motivation to you. In short, they need to play significant role in your reading mind.

Sometimes, all you need is the right source, to turn it into a resource.

Writer can exist when there is a hidden reader inside

Select one piece from each, which represents them

Each favourite writer of yours must be have a masterpiece for you.As, all of the blogs, books, articles, notes have a deep-deep details in them.

One of which must have had a deep-down impact on you in any such matter to you or your life.

From his library, pick up the best piece and study-study-study.

Select the favourite of five, and read it slowly , word-by-word

Each favourite author of yours must have delivered something significant stored-in for you.

Re-read until you get the right point to pick up. Each time to re-read those five-articles it has something new to deliver you, right?

Each reading draws our attention into a new detail in it.

Every detail has hidden desire to pop up when you put your desire to  reach it

After reading all of them for several times, just think deeply about it.

Study how that writer does it

Once you have access to the right piece and understood what he has on plte for you. Must be enduring for you to puke it into your piece of paper, into your own words.

But, before that first learn;

  • how he actually did that.
  • How did he deliver that to you?
  • What was the reason, that it had that enduring impact on you?
  • What the first sentence looks like and how the first paragraph is formatted?
  • How topic is developed and ides are generated
  • How the article is structured 
  • How article is drawn to close

Now you try

Yes, now your turn

Pick up your pen and start putting it in paper

You must be yearning to create your picture ,right?

Reading makes you Learn, Writing makes you Expert, And Together they make you a Great Writer

At the end, when you get the clear picture of your task, just write and burst it all you have.

With each article you write, try these tweaks and keep going until one one day it begins to sound unique

Baby steps, bro

Each house takes a time to build, and each building takes a period to stand up.

Thus, wait, have patience and do your best each time.

You have talent, you have resource and hence , you must have patience to make yourself WORTH IT!

Good luck!

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