About me

Thanks for showing up!

I am Dhwani, living with a desire to fly beneath the clouds and above the sky, to curb all the beauty of this planet and show people around.

Don’t worry I’m not a bird, lol!

I have a Technical background with Masters in IT.

Always surrounded by the people, no offense is quiet boring, but, with the right people with definitive mindset, interests me.

I began my writing journey with just one goal to accomplish, to identify the right set of things required by, right segment of people.

I believe, I’m trying to find the brightness inside us, from all the aspects and take them to the next level of success, by overcoming the point from where we lack.

In this competitive world, people often find themselves lost, depriving of one or other thing in their life to stand up, or to long for the thing, which they have greatest desire for, but unable to get to it, in spite of thousands of efforts.


Sometimes, all you need is a right trick, to get the right thing, at the right time, right?

That’s what I’m here for.