You are currently viewing Meta Unveils Redesigned Ray-Ban Meta 2nd Gen Smart Glasses: AI Assistant and Live Streaming Capability

Meta Unveils Redesigned Ray-Ban Meta 2nd Gen Smart Glasses: AI Assistant and Live Streaming Capability

Ray-Ban Meta 2nd Gen Smart Glasses

Meta Unveils Redesigned Ray-Ban Meta 2nd Gen Smart Glasses: AI Assistant and Live Streaming Capability

Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has introduced the redesigned Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, offering users the ability to live stream content directly to Facebook and Instagram. This significant announcement took place during Meta Platforms’ unveiling of their latest AI-driven consumer products at the Meta Connect event, held at the company’s Menlo Park headquarters.

During the Meta Connect conference, which marked a significant moment as the company’s largest event of the year and its first in-person conference since the pandemic’s onset, Zuckerberg showcased the device’s impressive features.

The newly unveiled Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses come equipped with an advanced Meta AI assistant and the remarkable capability to live stream the wearer’s perspective to Facebook and Instagram, liberating users from the need to hold cameras, a notable advancement from the previous generation, which primarily focused on capturing still images.

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The Evolution of Smart Glasses: Ray-Ban Meta 2nd Gen Smart Glasses

Smart glasses have come a long way since their inception. While the concept of wearable technology has been around for some time, advancements in AI and augmented reality (AR) have propelled smart glasses into a new era. The Ray-Ban Meta 2nd Gen smart glasses are a testament to this evolution, combining fashion and function seamlessly.

One of the standout features of these smart glasses is their ability to live stream what the wearer sees directly to Facebook and Instagram. This real-time sharing capability allows users to provide their friends and followers with a unique perspective on their experiences. Whether it’s capturing a beautiful sunset, attending a live event, or simply sharing a day in their life, users can do it all hands-free.

Enhanced Features for a Seamless Experience

The Ray-Ban Meta 2nd Gen smart glasses bring several significant enhancements to the table. Here are some of the standout features:

1. Enhanced Audio: These smart glasses feature custom-designed speakers with extended bass, increased maximum volume, and improved directional audio. This ensures minimal audio leakage during calls, music playback, and podcast listening, even in noisy or windy environments. The glasses also include a five-microphone array for audio recording from all directions.

2. Sharper Imagery: With an ultra-wide 12 MP camera, these glasses elevate the quality of photos and videos, allowing users to capture 1080p videos lasting up to 60 seconds. Furthermore, users can easily share photos with friends and family through voice commands.

3. Control and Durability: The glasses now boast water resistance (IPX4), and the touchpad and interaction earcons have been enhanced to deliver faster response times to user commands.

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4. Meta AI Integration: Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses now incorporate Meta AI, a conversational assistant that responds to voice commands prefixed with “Hey Meta.” Users can use voice commands for information retrieval and feature control. Initially, this feature will be available in beta only in the United States.

Availability and Pricing

The Ray-Ban Meta 2nd Gen smart glasses are set to revolutionize the way we interact with the world around us. With prices starting at just $299 USD, they are competitively priced within the market. Pre-orders are already open on both and, allowing customers to secure their pair ahead of the official release.

The release date for these groundbreaking smart glasses is set for October 17. On this date, customers can expect to find them both online and at select retail locations. This availability ensures that users worldwide will have access to this remarkable technology.

In conclusion, Meta’s collaboration with Ray-Ban has yielded a product that combines style, functionality, and innovation in one sleek package. The Ray-Ban Meta 2nd Gen smart glasses are poised to empower users to capture and share their world in ways never before possible. With the integration of Meta AI and live streaming capabilities, these smart glasses are a significant step forward in the evolution of wearable technology. As the release date approaches, tech enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals alike eagerly await the opportunity to experience the future of smart glasses firsthand.

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