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11 Best AI Random Face Generators

Best AI random face generator apps

AI random face generators have revolutionized the way we create and use artificial faces. These cutting-edge tools utilize advanced image processing techniques and big data to generate highly realistic faces that are indistinguishable from real ones.

These random face generators offer a wide range of features and are available on various platforms, including online, desktop computers, and mobile devices. Thanks to recent advancements in artificial intelligence and related fields, these apps can now produce random faces in a matter of seconds. As a result, they have found applications in visual media such as video games and movies, where they are used to create lifelike characters.

One of the primary uses of AI-generated faces is to protect user anonymity and display photos on social networking accounts and websites. These face generators provide detailed and authentic-looking images that allow users to conceal their identity effectively. Moreover, these tools serve as a valuable resource for graphic artists, providing inspiration for character design.

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Top AI Random Face Generator Apps

Here are some of the top AI random face generator apps available today:


DeepSwap is a web-based tool that excels in face swapping. Using deep learning technology, it can seamlessly swap the faces of two people in a picture or video, producing convincing and realistic results. The tool allows users to customize the facial expressions and traits of the swapped face, making it appear even more authentic.

With real-time face tracking and integration with social networking networks, DeepSwap enables users to create high-quality face swap images and videos effortlessly.


Generated Photos:

Known for its flawless quality and editing capabilities, Generated Photos is the leading AI-based face-generating app. Its extensive library of lifelike faces has gained recognition from prestigious platforms like BBC, Forbes, and Daily Mail.

The app offers powerful features that allow users to tailor their generated faces according to their specific requirements.


Face Swapper:

Face Swapper stands out from the crowd with its unique approach to face swapping. In addition to traditional face swapping, this free tool by Icons8 incorporates a random face feature. Users can swap their faces with someone they know or choose a random face from the app’s library, resulting in unexpected and hilarious combinations.

Face Swapper is also available as an iOS app and a web tool, providing real-time face swapping capabilities.



With its strong algorithms and machine learning skills, the BoredHumans Generator enables users to create realistic-looking faces effortlessly. The app draws from a vast library of over 70,000 actual human photos, ensuring that the generated faces appear as authentic as possible.

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BoredHumans also offers an older version with animated visuals, adding an engaging touch to the AI-generated faces.


This Person Does Not Exist:

This Person Does Not Exist is a unique program that has completely transformed the concept of generating random faces. With just one click, this program can rapidly produce highly realistic-looking faces. The technology incorporates various aspects and facial traits, such as teeth, hair color, backdrop, and accessories, to enhance the realism of the generated faces.

This application’s complex features provide users with personalized digital identities for various purposes.



Protypr simplifies digital portraiture and avatar creation with its user-friendly interface and robust customization options. By leveraging cutting-edge features like auto-smoothing and real-time photo enhancement tools, users can add life to their images with incredibly realistic effects.

Protypr also offers customized options for color changes and warping, providing complete control over the final output.



If you’re looking to generate realistic faces from photographs, Datagen is a powerful and accurate program to consider. It offers comprehensive control over intrinsic and extrinsic camera settings, allowing users to fine-tune various facial aspects such as hair, skin, and age. The application provides a wide range of face measurements that can be precisely adjusted, along with various lighting options.

With accurate high-resolution scans and over 5,000 hair and beard style choices, Datagen can create up to 100,000 realistic faces.



SnapCraft is a reliable random face generator that offers easy customization to suit individual needs. Its simple and intuitive user interface requires no prior knowledge to create the desired output. SnapCraft employs AI techniques, such as pypy-agender, to accurately determine the age and gender of each generated image.

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With a focus on staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in AI technology, SnapCraft ensures that users’ photographs are consistently analyzed by a reliable algorithm.


Vance AI Toongineer Cartoonizer:

Vance AI’s Toongineer Cartoonizer is an excellent choice for generating AI-based cartoons from images. Utilizing the latest neural network technology, this program can transform regular photos into high-quality cartoons. The platform prioritizes data privacy, ensuring that all user data remains entirely confidential.

Users can customize their photos in various cartoon or sketch styles, and batch-processing capabilities allow for efficient editing of multiple images.



Meragor is an online tool that generates random faces and provides a vast selection of pre-made images and portraits to choose from. Users can scroll through the website to discover random faces or browse categories such as portraiture, European, popular, and more.

The categorized search feature assists in finding specific types of portraits. Moreover, users can select the desired portrait’s size before downloading, saving time and effort on cropping.



Fotor offers a free AI face generator that allows users to create realistic faces from scratch. By specifying the gender, age, and other details, users can generate a random face image. The tool also provides options to add facial accessories like glasses, cosmetics, scars, and more, enabling users to design false faces that precisely meet their requirements and preferences.

Fotor’s artificial intelligence and deep machine learning capabilities ensure quick and easy face generation.


These top AI random face generator apps provide a wide range of options and features to create highly realistic and customizable faces. Whether you need random faces for anonymity, character design, marketing, or creative projects, these tools offer a convenient and powerful solution.

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Comparison Table of the AI Face Generator Tools

Here’s a comparison table highlighting the key features of the AI random face generator tools mentioned in the blog:

ToolKey FeaturesPlatformNotable Integration
DeepSwap– Face swapping with deep learning technologyWeb-basedIntegration with social networking networks
Generated Photos– Extensive library of lifelike facesOnlineFeatured by BBC, Forbes, Daily Mail
Face Swapper– Unique face swapping with a random face featureiOS app, Web
BoredHumans Generator– Realistic face generation using strong algorithms and machine learning skillsOnline
This Person Does Not Exist– Rapid production of highly realistic faces with one clickOnline
Fake Face Generator– Quick generation of unique photos with AI-based technologiesMobileMultiple chances to alter profile photos
Protypr– User-friendly interface with customization options for realistic effectsOnlineAuto-smoothing and real-time photo enhancement tools
Datagen– Realistic face generation with control over camera settings and various facial aspectsOnlineAccurate high-resolution scans and diverse hair styles
SnapCraft– Simple customization with AI techniques for age and gender determinationOnlineConstant updates with the latest advancements in AI
Vance AI Toongineer– Transforming regular photos into high-quality cartoons with neural network technologyOnlinePrivacy-focused platform with batch-processing support
Meragor– Random face generation with a vast selection of pre-made images and portraitsOnlineCategorized search for specialized portraits
Fotor– Realistic face generation with AI and deep machine learning capabilitiesOnlineCustomizable options for facial accessories
AI-generated faces

Please note that the table provides a brief overview and it’s recommended to visit the respective tools’ websites for more detailed information about their features and functionalities.

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Conclusion: AI-generated faces

In conclusion, the world of AI random face generators has come a long way, offering incredible advancements in image processing and deep learning technology. These innovative tools have made it possible to generate highly realistic and detailed faces in a matter of seconds, revolutionizing industries such as gaming, movies, social networking, and graphic design.

The applications of AI-generated faces are vast. They provide a means to protect user anonymity while displaying photos on various online platforms. They serve as a valuable resource for marketing, project presentations, and advertising, allowing users to create unique and visually appealing content. Graphic artists find inspiration in these generators, using them to design original characters and bring their creative visions to life.

The top AI random face generator apps mentioned in this blog offer a wide range of features and customization options. From seamless face swapping to high-quality cartoons and realistic portraits, these tools cater to different needs and preferences.

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They incorporate cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep neural networks to ensure the generated faces are as authentic and lifelike as possible.

As technology continues to advance, we can expect even more exciting developments in the field of AI random face generation. With each iteration, these tools will become more sophisticated, offering users greater control and producing even more realistic and diverse faces.

Whether you’re a digital content creator, marketer, or simply someone looking for a fun and creative way to engage with AI technology, these random face generator apps are worth exploring. Embrace the possibilities they offer and unlock a world of endless imagination and innovation.

FAQs on AI Random Face Generators

What are AI Random Face Generators?

AI Random Face Generators are tools that use artificial intelligence to create realistic and unique facial images. These generators can be used for a variety of purposes, such as creating avatars, generating stock photos, and testing facial recognition software.

How do I use AI Random Face Generators?

Most AI Random Face Generators are very easy to use. Simply visit the website or download the app and follow the instructions. You will typically be able to customize the appearance of your faces, including age, gender, ethnicity, and hair color.

What are the benefits of using AI Random Face Generators?

There are many benefits to using AI Random Face Generators. They can be used to:

  • Create realistic and unique facial images
  • Generate stock photos and avatars
  • Test facial recognition software
  • Create personalized portraits and avatars
  • Experiment with different artistic styles
  • Create memes and other humorous content

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