Google Unveils “Gemini” and Other AI-powered Tools for Enterprise at Monthly Fee of $30

AI-powered Tools for Enterprise
AI-powered Tools for Enterprise

Google Unveils “Gemini” and Other AI-powered Tools for Enterprise at Monthly Fee of $30. During the recent Google Next conference held in San Francisco, Google has taken a bold stride forward by introducing an impressive lineup of fresh AI technologies and collaborations. This strategic move seems to be a direct response to the progress made by OpenAI and Microsoft, signifying Google’s determined repositioning in the AI realm.

Key Points:

  1. Google has unveiled an array of new AI technologies and partnerships during the Google Next conference in San Francisco.
  2. The announcements reflect Google’s aggressive push to reposition itself in the AI landscape and counter advances by competitors like OpenAI and Microsoft.
  3. Google’s flagship AI model, “Gemini,” is positioned as a rival to OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 Enterprise platform, with claimed computing power five times greater than GPT-4.
  4. Gemini is set to be released publicly in December 2023 and is trained on Google’s TPUv5 chips, capable of operating with 16,384 chips simultaneously.
  5. Google introduced “Duet AI in Workspace,” enabling users to draft emails, create documents, and generate visuals across Google apps.
  6. The upgraded text model, “PaLM,” aims to process extensive text documents like legal briefs and books more efficiently.
  7. “SynthID,” a novel tool, subtly watermark AI-generated images for tamper resistance.
  8. Google is expanding its cloud capabilities, adding 20 new AI models to its suite, offering access to Meta Platforms’ LLaMa 2 and Anthropic’s Claude 2.
  9. An AI-powered tool has been developed to ease database porting from Oracle to open-source alternatives.
  10. Google’s fifth-generation tensor processing unit (TPU), TPU v5e, optimized for genAI and large language models, is part of a “supercomputer” setup with 256 interconnected chips.
  11. New partnerships with General Motors, Estee Lauder, and a multi-year agreement with the government of El Salvador were announced.
  12. The AI tools are available to enterprise customers at $30 per user monthly, with future plans for offerings aimed at different customer segments.
  13. Google’s efforts demonstrate its ambition to lead in AI innovation, competing with rivals and providing comprehensive solutions for enterprise AI needs.

The Vanguard AI Model from Google – Gemini

Artificial intelligence software Gemini, Google’s latest flagship AI model has emerged as a direct rival to OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 Enterprise platform. Boasting computing power purportedly five times superior to GPT-4, Gemini represents Google’s answer to OpenAI’s recent strides in the field. The model is slated for public release in December 2023 and has been trained on Google’s cutting-edge TPUv5 chips, flaunting an astonishing ability to operate with 16,384 chips concurrently.

Google has also introduced an array of remarkable AI-driven tools, primarily geared toward enterprise applications. Among them, the “Duet AI in Workspace” aims to aid users in composing emails, generating documents, and crafting customized visuals across various Google apps. Responding to substantial customer demand, Google affirms that this addition has undergone testing by over a million users.

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Continuing its progression, Google has unveiled an upgraded version of its text model, named PaLM, tailored to streamline the processing of extensive text documents such as legal briefs and books.

An intriguing tool named “SynthID” has also been revealed. This technology discreetly watermark AI-generated images, subtly altering the digital file in a manner imperceptible to human vision, yet engineered to withstand image manipulations or tampering.

Enterprise-Grade Cloud and Security Services

In a bid to enhance its cloud capabilities, Google is introducing 20 fresh AI models to complement its existing suite, culminating in a total of 100 models. As part of this expansion, Google is extending access to Meta Platforms’ AI model LLaMa 2 and startup Anthropic’s Claude 2 to its enterprise cloud clientele.

To address the complex challenge of transitioning databases from Oracle to open-source alternatives, Google has innovated an AI-powered tool tailored specifically for this notoriously intricate process.

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Tailored AI Chips and Supercomputing Competence

In anticipation of the launch of its fifth-generation tensor processing unit (TPU), Google has introduced a variant optimized for genAI and large language models, christened TPU v5e. This chip is an integral part of what Google terms a “supercomputer,” composed of 256 TPU v5e chips, interconnected to tackle intricate computational predicaments.

Novel Collaborations and Forthcoming Strategies of Significance

Google has solidified novel partnerships with prominent entities like General Motors and Estee Lauder, directly challenging OpenAI’s prior affiliations with these corporations. Moreover, the company has announced a multi-year pact with the government of El Salvador, focusing on digitizing crucial sectors such as governance, healthcare, and education.

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Pricing Structure and Availability

Google has extended these AI-powered tools to enterprise consumers at a monthly fee of $30 per user. The company has also hinted at forthcoming offerings targeting diverse customer segments, encompassing small and medium-sized businesses as well as individual consumers.

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Google’s wide-ranging disclosures underscore a deliberate endeavor to regain the limelight in AI innovation and counter the strategies of rivals such as OpenAI and Microsoft. Through these novel tools and partnerships, Google is assertively positioning itself as an all-encompassing solution provider for enterprise-level AI necessities.

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